It’s Always Something!

AS my son likes to say when I phone him and someone else answers and says to him, “It’s your mother.”, his favourite reply is “If it’s not one thing, its my mother.”

So we are having our “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” this week. In case you didn’t know, go to our website. 30% off DVDs, 20% off books 15% off close-up and more. You can order by phone, on line or in person.

So now is the time that the computer decides to act up. It won’t affect your orders, it just makes our work a little more difficult. Phil is working on it now. As I say, It’s always something.

If you are new and want to subscribe to Perfect Magic, click under my photo where it says Subscribe.

Happy Black Friday week! The sale goes until the 30th of November, which happens to be our Anniversary. Phil and I, G-d willing, will be celebrating our 59th Wedding Anniversary. How time flies when you’re having fun!


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4 responses to “It’s Always Something!

  1. James David

    39 years! Beautiful!

    Congratulations Phil & Evy!



  2. James David

    Did I say 39?

    59…59 years!

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  3. DrLikeysSpiritualMindScienceAndYourSoul

    Mazel tov on your anniversary! ❤

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  4. Bill and Jean Thompson

    Happy Anniversary from Bill and Jean


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