Get Your Magic Career Up a Notch or Two

I’m a big fan of Tony Clark. You who are relatively new  to magic probably never heard of him. One of my favorite DVD’s of his is Timing is Everything. I think its a must have  for every magician. It’s not new but it’s good. Tony was a student of Slydini. Surely you’ve heard of Slydini. Phil and I had the privilege of meeting him in person at a convention many years ago in Massachusetts and Phil was his volunteer. I remember it being on a close-up stage and he did a series of coin tricks. The one Phil remembers is the One Coin Trick. Phil knew how the trick was done and  watched him like a hawk, but of course he couldn’t catch him. Each time Syldini would say to him, “You know why you don’t  a see? Because you don’t a look!”

Tony clarkTony Clark just came out with a hardbound printed BOOK called Insider Secrets. Knowing Tony, it has to be good. It also includes an interactive Digital Book FREE which includes video links that take you to visual examples of what Tony is teaching. A great way to learn! My next order will include his book. Will yours?



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2 responses to “Get Your Magic Career Up a Notch or Two

  1. Agreed, Evy. Tony Clark is the best of the best. I have learned much over the years from his many insightful materials, including Timing is everything.

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  2. One of the first VHS tapes that Phil sold me back in the mid 90s.
    Thanks Phil! And thanks also to Evy for reminding me about this !


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