Make ‘Em Laugh

Everybody loves to laugh. I don’t know about you, but I can watch a comedy show, enjoy it thoroughly and not laugh. But sometimes something is said or done and I can’t help myself and burst out laughing hysterically. I love that feeling. I love whatever happened and I smile or laugh again just thinking about it.

Now  a magic show is not a comedy show, but it can be funny. When people go to a magic show, they want to see magic. Will they be impressed when they see how well you handle a deck of cards, the amazing way you can cut them, shuffle them spring them? Yes, they will be. Will it make them feel wonderful and happy? Maybe not so much, maybe envious, maybe awed, surely impressed but not laughing unless you find a way to insert something funny into all those marvellous moves. Then the envy and awe goes away and they walk away saying, ” He or she was terrific!” It made them feel good. They laughed.

Even the most serious situation are enjoyed the most when laughter is involved. Serious and laughter don’t seem to go together but they do. When you call for a volunteer, and then wheel out your head or arm guillotine, that’s serious. But of course the whole thing is in the jokes that go with it, like putting on you blood stained doctor coat, and taking out the instruction book and asking if they have insurance, etc. Sheer luck

Even the serious business of mentalism can be funny. At a local family show 2 weeks ago, Jodi Mihaly did a mental routine. I believe it was Sean Farquar’s “Sheer Luck” and everyone in the audience knows how it’s done, but not the volunteer, and its funny, and in the end the audience is fooled too, so we had the fun and the moment of awe. So put some humour in your act! Keep ‘Em Laughing!

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