Small Hands? No Excuse for Magicians

I remember watching a famous magician doing card tricks and I commented to Phil how good he was. Phil said yes, but look at the size of his hands. He could  hide an elephant in his palm. So it made sense to me that if your hands were big you had an easier time of it.

That idea was tossed out the window yesterday. A new kid came into the shop with his parents. He walked in holding a deck of cards shuffling and fanning and cascading and doing all kinds of things with those cards while talking about different things. It was like second nature to him. Now when I say a kid, I don’t mean a 12 year old or even a 9 year old. This was a 7 year old kid, and small for his age. I thought he was about 5, which made it all the more unbelievable, small hands, delicate fingers. One of the other customers in the shop was a professional performer and he was blown away as well.

The kid picked up a deck of Phoenix cards and that was all he wanted. The other customer asked him why. He said he finds the quality to be better. He reminded me of a remark that I think Lee Asher made when we were at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp a few years ago, “A pack of card to these kids is like a cigarette to a convict.”

The kid himself made a remark that he can’t do all the passes because his hands were still too small, so he is aware that his hands will grow and then, Magic World ….Beware!

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