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Magic Hands

I was in Toronto for the Magic Bash and my back, which has behaved so well for years decided it was time to remind me that I have a back. We were staying at my cousins home in Toronto and as fate would have it, she happens to be an occupational therapist who works with pain related issues and movement disorders related to neurological conditions. 

Her passion is working stroke patients. After a stroke patient has been to rehab in the public system and is told this is as good as its going to get, that’s when she steps in. Her forte is the arm and hand. She has done wonders for many patients, has contributed to books on the subject, had her own clinic and practice for many years and has taught courses to therapists and lectured all over the world. 

I’m happy I didn’t need her services in that area, but she did help my back considerably. She said I need a few treatments but was leaving for Montreal the next  morning so I couldn’t take full advantage of those magic hands, but she did offset a major crisis for me.

If you know someone that has suffered a stroke and wants to improve their mobility and are in the Toronto area, she’s your woman. Her name is Anna Greenblatt and she can be contacted at agreenblattot@gamil.com.

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