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More To Magic Than Meets The Eye

Last week I wrote about a grandfather, non-magician, who wanted to do some magic for his granddaughter’s birthday party. That’s why you guys and gals didn’t get hired. The birthday girl was 3 and he felt he could handle it. This was 3 days before the party. Better late than never. When he left I told him I wanted to know how he did. He also happens to be a friend.

By coincidence, really and truly, the next morning another grandfather and grandmother came in as he wanted to do magic for their grandson’s party. Look at all the business you’re losing with these grandparents! Anyhow, the 2nd grandfather did magic many years ago and showed me his torn and tattered Magic Coloring Book Coloring bookwhich he hadn’t used in 20 years. He asked if they were still available. Yes. So we put one aside for him. Then, as we continued with other effects, grandfather #1 comes in. It seems he practiced with his wife as audience and she said he was much too obvious and wasn’t fooling her. He took out the Double Color Changing Hank double colour hankthat he bought and asked if I would do it for him to see how I handled it. So I did and grandpa #2 like it so much that he bought one too. Then a third magician, well known in Montreal and area came in. It was quite hectic in our little shop, I must say. I think Phil even looked up from his computer. Anyhow,  I digress.

Grandfather #1 also couldn’t get The Growing Ball Outdone quite right. growing ball outdoneI straightened him out with that too. He called me two nights ago to tell me he was a success at the party. It was good for him, good for the party girl and good for me, as the party girl has 2 cousins that are older and they want to come to the magic shop, so I guess he did do just fine.

A good time was had by all!



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