Magic Book Lovers

There are two distinct types of buyers when it comes to magic. There are the readers, that enjoy following the directions, reading the theory and usually come out with something that has a lot of themselves in it.  Then there are those magicians who like DVDs. They find it less tedious than a book. They like to see what they have to do and what the result will be. One type is not better than the other, just different. Vive la difference!

Golden age of magic postersThere is a tremendous choice in both these mediums. And they touch on every aspect of magic. One book  just came out that is a cross between the two. It’s  visual. No tricks but lovely to look at.  “The Golden Age of Magic Posters”.Its a beautiful book that even the DVD lovers would love.


But if you are looking for a great book to delve into,  The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi is a must. AretalogyHighly recommended, written by Stephen Minch with a forward by Roberto Giobbi.

I must admit I didn’t know what Aretalogy meant so here it is…  ARETALOGY-n. A narrative about the deeds of a miracle worker.



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2 responses to “Magic Book Lovers

  1. The difference between the books and the digital has always fascinated me. I have found it easiest to learn the ‘moves’ from digital. I can actually see what is going on. Elmsley counts, palming coins, false shuffles, just easier to learn from seeing it. However I like the book form of learning the effect. When one has to bring something off the page it becomes ones own, not a carbon copy of someone else. My fav example is any Michael Ammar video. He is so good, and so good at teaching that when you watch his dvd’s it’s impossible not to copy what you are seeing. Why wouldn’t you? The man is brilliant. But when you pick up one of his books and learn the routine that way you breath your own life into it because there is nothing to copy. You have to bring it off the page your own way.

    It is very easy to spot people who learned off a routine off a DVD expecially Michael Ammar, I’ve even seen some people incorporate his laugh into ithe routine. however when it comes to learning a specific slight of hand move. I turn into a DVD person.

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