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Do You Know Who Ted Lesley Is?

I would bet, if I were a betting woman, that if you’re thirty or under you never heard of him. Correct me if I’m wrong. In my post of two weeks ago, I wrote about “those old time Magicians”, whose shoulders you happen to be standing on, by the way. Ted Lesley is one of them. One of the greats.  Here are some of his awards.

  • “Mentalist of the Year” with the “Dunninger Award” (1992)
  • “Writer of the Year” from “Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland e. V.” (Magic Circle of Germany) for his book “Mental Mind-Ups.” (1993)
  • “Leslie P. Guest Award” from the Society of American Magicians (1997)
  • Guest of honor at Docc Hilford’s “Weerd Weekend.” (1998)
  • “Siver Medal of Honor” of the Zauberfreunde Berlin e.V. (1998)
  • Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle from the Magic Circle of London. (1999)
  • Creative Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts (April 20, 2001

We happen to carry 2 of his DVD’s. They retail for $53.50. One of them, “Cabaret Magic”  is on our “For Sale Items” for $18.00.

This is what it includes for $18.00.

  • Six Card Repeat – An ultra-easy version of this magical classic with a surprise ending guaranteed to fool even those in the know!
  • Borrowed Bill in Borrowed Cigarette – One half of a borrowed bill is discovered in a truly impossible place – inside a cigarette that was also borrowed!
  • Comedy Rope Trick – The Professor’s Nightmare turned on its head! A length of rope is clearly cut into three equal pieces yet the pieces are shown to be three different lengths. They become equal yet again and one piece is thrown into the audience. The other two are tied together and then instantly restored into a single length – which may be examined!
  • Comedy Mindreading – Three playing cards are selected and, after several vain but amusing attempts to find them, the performer finally locates each in increasingly amazing and impossible ways.
  • The Fastest Card Trick in the World – Don’t blink as a signed playing card and a borrowed credit card make an impossible journey.
  • Coin Through Sleeves – A most-magical version of the classic Winged Silver as a coin mysteriously travels from one hand, up the performer’s sleeve, across his shoulders and into a glass held in the other hand. As a finale, the performer explains the process-using milk!
  • Bill in Lightbulb – A borrowed bill is torn in half. One half is vanished and travels into the most unlikely of places-the center of an ordinary light bulb that was burning brightly just moments before!
  • Bill in Lemon – If you think you know this one, you haven’t seen the Lesley version. Again, one half of a borrowed bill vanishes from an envelope held by a spectator and is found inside a lemon that was in plain sight throughout.

This is an opportunity if there ever was one. If you only got one of these effects, it would be worth it, but you’re getting eight. That’s $2.25  an effect. Get it now while they are still around. It’s top notch magic from a top notch magician.

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