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Give Me Those Old Time Magicians!

I have been going through our catalog trying to get rid of mistakes because we’re supposed to be Perfect as in Perfect Magic. I’ve been doing this for weeks in alphabetical order and am now on the letter M. I was corresponding with Patrik Kuffs and he was kind enough to point out an error in spelling in one of the R tricks, but I haven’t gotten to the R’s yet. So if anyone sees mistakes in spelling or prices, don’t be shy, I really appreciate it. But I digress.

As I go through the catalog I come across magicians that I would bet the new magicians  coming up never heard of. These are people that really had an impact on magic as we know it today. David Roth, Michael Ammar, Jeff McBride, George Schindler, Eugene Burger, Dai Vernon, Doug Henning, Frank Garcia,  Al Goshman just to name a few. And we happen to know these guys personally. Unfortunately some have passed away, but not their magic. None of the above, in their heyday, had the advantage of todays’s technology and yet they could perform miracles.

I’m not knocking today’s performers. But be aware, when you see something on a video, are you seeing what’s really happening? The people I mentioned above were around before videos. Yes there once was a time….As a matter of fact when videos came out, they were the stars.

You can add your favourites to the list if you like.





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