The Magic Bug

No, it’t not the name of a new trick, although there are tricks in the genre if you’re reading the post because that’s what you were looking for. For you, I’ll name a few as I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed. There’s my favorite, My Pet Boris Magic Spider, which also includes cockroaches in case spiders are not scarey enough for you. It originated with  Jim Pace’s, The Web, which was modernized to be in sync with smart phone users, like there is anyone who isn’t these days. Even I, who hasn’t learned to use a land phone properly (ask Phil) have one. And then there’s the Lady Bug, which is cute rather than scarey and has a lot of appeal. Then there’s the Butterfly Blizzard, if you consider a butterfly a bug, and Woody Aragon’s Bumble Bees to name a few. (How’s that for sneaking in a bit of advertising?)

No, The Magic Bug, is something like the flu. Some people get it and some don’t. And some people get it real bad. It can happen at any age. It depends when you’re exposed to it. I have youngsters who phone me from their cell phones at lunch time, to see if I have the latest effect from Shin Lim. These kids are up to the minute. They know everything. Almost.  Frank Garcia? Jeff McBride? Michael Ammar? These kids  don’t know them but I introduce them because they should know about them and they thank us for it after they’ve bought one of their DVDs. I met many of these kids with the magic bug when I was at Sorcerer’s Safari  Magic Camp in Ontario with Phil a few years ago. I know those kids must be heartbroken to hear that the camp is no more. From 8 to 18 boys and girls, whenever you saw them they had a deck of cards in their hands.  I think it was Lee Asher who said, “A deck of card to these kids are like a pack of cigarettes to prisoners.” They had the bug, the magic bug! These kids were fortunate to have been kids when the camp was there. The magic and the experience did wonders for them. The owners, Jan and Mike Segal, were fantastic and the counsellor’s, many who started off as campers themselves were also bitten by the bug. So if you have to catch a bug, Magic is the one to get but be warned. It stays with you for life!

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