Computers, Magic and Christmas.

It’s coming up fast. It’s been hectic here. I started writing this morning and now it’s 4:00pm and I haven’t written anything. It’s great seeing everyone, so today our computers decide to work very slowly. Ouch!  Anyhow, they did pick up and all is well, but it was frustrating.

The Tenyo stuff arrived today for you Tenyo fans. If you’re doing Christmas shows and you want to add anything, click here. I spoke too soon. The computer is running slow again. What did we do without computers?

Anyhow, come in and see us while our 40th Anniversary Sale is on.

  • 10% on everything in the catalog
  • an additional 5% if we have it in the shop
  • and an additional 5% if you buy in person.

The Sale lasts until Dec.3rd and we’re open Saturdays too, from 11am to 5pm.

Hope to see you or hear from you.




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3 responses to “Computers, Magic and Christmas.

  1. Re: “What did we do without computers?”

    Answer: We got things done and the results were tangible. At a minimum the results were words written (or typed) on paper. I like paper. It’s great for starting fires. 😉

    Happy Happy 40th !!!

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    • Seems to me we still use paper, even with this computer world. Lots of it.
      Thanks for your good wishes,


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      • Absolutely correct. The concept of a “paperless” society has certainly not become a reality. If life were as simple as it was in the ’70s, we might be using less paper now. But for every page we save, we seem to add 3 more because life has more and more rules and regulations. I wonder how many “privacy statements” (printed on paper) I have from my doctors, insurance companies, and financial institutions? I bet at least 10. And my life is relatively simple. I won’t be running out of paper to start fires with any time soon!


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