Old Magic Classics/New Magic Audiences

As I was putting my pick of the day on Facebook, not that I do it everyday, I realized that some magicians may be passing by some great classics because they are not the latest or hottest items on the market. For example, some magicians come into the shop and get all excited when they see we have effects or DVDs by Shin Lim, who does have  some great stuff. The old stuff doesn’t get the hype. That’s exactly the reason you should be using it!

My pick of the day was Diminishing Cards. We have a few versions of it. Viking’s is top notch quality. Viking makes beautiful equipment. We carry their Silk to Egg Deluxe Set and routine, which is another classic. We have cheaper models but if you want professional stuff this is it!  What makes it so special? Besides the exceptional egg, it comes with two 18″ silks and something special that the others don’t have, plus a great routine.

We also have their Brass Bill Tube which blows people away. Have you used your bill tube lately? I did a demo for a guy and he went nuts. I said, “Shall I put it with your other stuff?” “Oh no,” he replied. “I’m not that good a magician. I would never be able to do it.”  I showed it how it was done and he said,”Sold!”

I also have Palmo Ball -Stillwell Style, made by Viking. It’s like a dye tube but a little different. Its a great little gimmick for silks. Fits nicely in the hand,  Try it, you’ll like it. Oh, and speaking of gimmicks if you’re looking for a finger flasher we have their  Flint flasher, which is dependable and easy to use. (We carry Morrissey’s as well, also dependable.)

There’s not a new item mentioned in the above. Will you use them? Yes. Will your audience be impressed? You bet!




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2 responses to “Old Magic Classics/New Magic Audiences

  1. Yup, classics are classics for a reason! Linkng Rings, Bill in Lemon, Cut & Restored Rope, Torn & Restorned Newspaper, these are my bread and butter tricks. Sometimes methods can be updated but they are all still classics and audiences love them.


  2. That’s why they are classics. Thanks for your input.


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