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The Overwhelming Amount of Magic

As a magic dealer, I am overwhelmed by the new magic that comes out on a daily basis. Especially because I do the banners on our home page of Perfect Magic and edit the write-ups for our catalog. There seems to be no end to it.

I remember a time when Albert Goshman (think Sponge Balls – Magic by Gosh)

Anne Deslauriers Goshman Susan Trott

Same gang (Jane Poupart, Albert Goshman  and Susan Trott.)

came to Montreal to perform at Magie Montreal when we had our Conventions, back in the 80’s. He stayed in our home and we took him to the Brown Derby in the Van Horne Shopping Centre for dinner one evening. Unfortunately, neither Albert nor the Brown Derby are with us any more.

The Brown Derby was a delicatessen that served all kinds of Jewish food, from smoked meat to Matzo Ball soup and anything else you could think of. When Albert was there he created a sensation, as all the waitresses stopped working to watch him do his sponge ball routines.  Why do I bring this up now? One of the waitresses asked him if he enjoyed his food. He said “Well, there was a lot of it and some of it was good.”

That would be an appropriate remark regarding the  magic market today!


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