Presenting Magic

There are a lot of young hot shot magicians these days. They can handle a deck of cards and do tricks that would dazzle anyone.

So one of these hot shots comes in the other day and asks what he could get to take him to the next level. So we had a little discussion of what he does, who he does it for, etc. After our little chat I suggested he buy a book on Presentation, as I could tell from our conversation that it was not at all what he was focusing on.

He turned his nose up at that. He wanted a gimmick. Something that would enable him to do even greater feats of magic. A book means he has to read. I wonder if a DVD on the subject would be more appealing. Can anyone out there recommend a book or DVD on presentation that would interest a 12 year old? I haven’t given up on him yet.

We once had Eugene Burger here for a lecture and he had wonderful advice on presentation. His book is no longer available, but he has a DVD on the subject. I’m wondering it Magical Explorations DVD is too much for a 12 year old, even one who is serious about magic. Any thoughts on the subject?


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  1. The Claasic FitzkeeTrilogy contains his “old” but still very relevant insights and guidelines for presentation in his Showmanship for Magicans volume. Another great, more recent, book is Ken Weber’s Maximum Entertanment. Chris Carey’s “Find the stuff that’s You!” Would also help bidding magicians… and, frankly, so much more. But you likely knew/know to suggest all of these, Evy. In fact, I’m guessing that, over the years, I likely bought each of these insightful books on the Presentation of Magic, right in your very own Perfect Magic Shop… With your whole-hearted blessing, of course! 🙂

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  2. Ray

    One of my favourite books on magic is: Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic. My grandson and granddaughter both read it and practiced some of the magic at age about 12. I’ve loaned it to several adults that enjoyed it and used it to teach their children a bit of magic.

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    • I also recommend Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic to young magicians as well as to adults but I was looking for something that dealt mainly with presentation. I am happy to see that Eugene Burger’s Magical Presentations is available. It’s in DVD form but should be excellent. Sorry it took so long to reply but I only just got your comment. Phil was having trouble with his emails, as I mentioned to Jonathan, Phil and Hillary.

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