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Looking Beyond Magic Instructions

All tricks come with instructions. Otherwise we would have no idea how to work the magic we buy. Sometimes instructions are easy to follow and sometimes it takes a bit of figuring and then there’s always the magic dealer to help you out if you’re really stuck. But once you have it, it doesn’t and shouldn’t end there.

The person writing the instructions doesn’t know you and your personality. Nor does he have your imagination. I once wrote about someone that came in and showed me a routine he did with Nickels to Dimes that blew me away and I got Phil away from his computer to watch him, a feat in itself! It was a 2 minute routine and was amazing. You may wonder, if you’re familiar with Nickels to Dimes what he could possibly do. What if the cap became loose and didn’t hold what it was supposed to? You might bring it back to your magic dealer to replace it or as this fellow did, turn it into a miracle. That’s all I’ll say about that.

We have a trick called Coin Slide. It’s a beginner trick and costs under $3.00. If you are not familiar with it, it can make a coin vanish, appear, or change to another coin. The routine I use to demo it to adults is to ask them for a quarter. I tell them I will change it into a Toonie for them. They are keen on that. I take their quarter, put it in the slot, slide the sleeve over it and then remove the sleeve and lo and behold, it has changed into a dime! I give them the dime and say “Gee, it didn’t work. Let’s try again. Got another quarter?” It always gets a laugh, I give them back their quarter and that works well with adults. That’s not in the instructions.

Last week some kid asked Phil if he had a quarter. The kid said, “If you give it to me I can double your money.” Phil gave him the quarter and the kid put it  in a Coin Slide. Without the use of the sleeve he tossed out the quarter and another one appeared in it’s place, which he also tossed out. Then the kid asked him for a quarter again and  put it in the coin slot, heads up, and in a flash it without cover of the sleeve, it had miraculously changed to tails. We were floored. Did I mention that this 10 year old kid is our grandson? In case you’re thinking, well he got help from us, let us clarify. We had nothing to do with this. We gave him the trick 5 years ago and he has not mentioned magic at all. We thought the magic thing was over for him, at least for now. How wrong we were. His sister told us that he always carries a magic trick in his pocket.

Sorry folks, what he did is not in the instructions. It was in his imagination and he made it happen. He is working on other routines with it as well. Take another look at your magic tricks! There may be more to them than meets the eye.


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