So You Think Magic Is Just For Fun

A few weeks ago I posted “Where Magic Takes You.” My point really was that you introduce a child to magic, the child becomes a man, the man’s boss is impressed with the man’s magic. It counts. This brings me to Michel Deslauriers, a friend and customer of ours for many years. He read the post and made this comment and I got his permission to share it with you.

“I’ve been doing magic practically my whole life but it has never been my full time job. What it has done is given me a ton of skills that I take to my job. Things like presentation skills, the ability to ad lib and even the ability to sell.”

I think that says a lot for magic. Thanks Mike. You said it better than I ever could. I could say it but people might think I am pushing magic. I am. Not only because that’s what we sell, but because of the effect it has on the recipients. School has started. Give your kid an edge with magic. Not only will it increase his confidence but it will increase his learning ability. Magic lets your brain in on a whole new way of thinking. You even learn how to get out of awkward  situations when you mess up. Someone even wrote a book about it called “Outs”.  So if you have to get a birthday, Christmas or Chanukah gift for a kid, instead of getting him  or her another electronic gadget or game which will soon be passé, get him a magic trick or a Gift Card from Perfect Magic and we’ll steer him or her in the right direction.

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