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The Big Changes in Magic

Phil and I started Perfect Magic almost 40 years ago. I posted my first blog 6 years ago. I’ve written almost 300 posts. I went to see what I wrote the first time. All I can say is that there were big changes from 40 years ago to 6 years ago, but from 6 years ago to now, there are no big changes. What changed is who is hot in magic! Many magicians today don’t know who Frank Garcia is although they are familiar with Daniel Garcia. They don’t know who Albert Goshman is but when they buy sponge balls they want Magic by Gosh brand. They never heard of Fantasio but they know about vanishing and appearing candles and canes. Now the names asked for are Shin Lim, Greg Wilson, Jon Allen, Dan and Dave to name a few. Most of the oldtimers are gone, unfortunately.

At one time a legend remained a legend, but now new kids come on the block quickly and often the star today is forgotten tomorrow. We have the internet to thank for that. It’s good and bad. Everyday there is tons of new stuff. We try to weed out the bad.

The other big change is the arrival of Downloads which I have written about. Many people haven’t tried it yet, but those who have really like it as it is much less costly. There are downloads of DVD’s and Books. We have over 1900 downloads to choose from.

Another thing has happened. DVDs that were so popular, sell less than they did as they are often copied and sent to friends etc. Now to combat that, most DVD’s also contain a gimmick so the DVD alone is useless unless you have the gimmick.

If I missed any changes, please comment and add it on. I’d appreciate that and so might the other readers. Thanks!


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