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Reading Magic

When we started our business almost 40 years ago, people were not learning magic over the internet. There was no internet. There weren’t even magic videos. They read books. There’s an idea for you. New books were highly anticipated.

Now many people  learn magic on the internet. You may learn a trick or several tricks and even do them well, but unless you read books, which you can get on the internet, (perfectmagic.com) you won’t understand  what is involved in the art of magic. There are many kinds of magic books, how to do magic, history of magic, card magic, money magic, close-up magic, street magic, trade show magic, stage magic,  mentalism, illusion building, magic biographies, party magic, you name it, there’s a book on it. What you also get in many books is the back story of the trick, who invented it, who improved upon it, who made it famous, different ways of performing it, in what setting it works best, what you can use to make it easier for you.

At some point the internet learners decide they want to go to a real magic shop. The other day a young man came in. There are many things he didn’t know existed and and was happy to learn about them like Fanning Powder, Fingertip Lotion, Wax ( soft and hard) Coin holders, Roughing sticks, Reels, Octopalm, etc . These are not tricks in and of themselves but you can do do real magic with them or make tricks possible or easier to accomplish. They would go under the heading of  accessories. Most of them come with instructions on how to use them and some come with effects as well.

Magic goes back thousands of years. The first mention of magic that I am aware of goes back to  the Bible, Exodus 7:10-13. It tells how Moses threw his staff to the ground and it turned into a snake. If you don’t read books on magic you are probably not aware of whose shoulders you are standing on and of the valuable information they passed on, and if you are not aware of the importance or use of accessories, you’re missing a lot.


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