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Understanding Magic

We’ve been in the magic business almost 40 years. Besides that I have a knack for figuring out how most tricks could be done, even if it’s not the way they are done.

I have a customer who is into mentalism. I have many customers who are into mentalism but this particular one buys a lot of good magic. He was ready to make another purchase so I decided to look through a lot of mentalist ¬†effects so I could make a recommendation to him. I looked at a lot of stuff, from inexpensive to very expensive and I did like a lot of them. One that I liked was in the $30.00 range. I liked it because I was sure it worked on the hot rod principle but it didn’t. I could not figure out how it could be done, but Phil had an idea, and said it was the only way, but to me it sounded too complicated. If you have it please don’t reveal it, but if you don’t have it, see what you think. the effect is called Symbol.What do you think?

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