Are You Magicians Ready to Share?

Yesterday on Facebook  I wrote

“I bet when Darcy Oake got his first magic trick, as a kid I presume, the furthest thing from his mind was that one day he would be going to London to visit the Queen. Get your kid a magic trick !”


Then I got to thinking that I got my first magic trick when I was 8 years old. My father went to New York  and went to Tannen’s  (I think that’s where he got it) and when he came home he gave me a Nickels to Dimes trick, made of brass. I can look back and see myself  sitting on the blue linoleum kitchen floor, banging away with that bang ring. I wonder if it left marks in the floor. I treasured it and found it amazingly clever, but I don’t remember performing it for anyone outside of the family. They did not have “Show and Tell” in school when I was in Grade 2. If they did, I surely would have brought that because it was something that none of the other kids would have had.

So now I want you, my dear reader, and probably magician, to share with us. How old were you when you got your first magic trick? What was it ?  How do you think it affected your life?  Do you think it was responsible for your career in magic? I eagerly await your reply!



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10 responses to “Are You Magicians Ready to Share?

  1. I never got a magic trick as a child. I was in my 30’s when I heard a radio interview in which a magician commented that anyone could do what Kreskin was doing if they got a catalogue from Tannen’s. I did and started doing some magic shortly thereafter. Never a professional, just a hobbyist who eventually was made a life member of the Victoria Magic Circle in BC.


  2. yvesduquette

    A book, I was about 11 yrs old, I learned about the french drop and palming.
    I never liked the cheap plastic tricks you bought at novelty stores. So a few years later, the first “real” magic trick I bought was a svengali deck.

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  3. I went to Florida with my family when I was six. There I bought a set of TV Magic Cards. Included withthe instructions were descriptions of other tricks you could send away for. When I bought one of those tricks they sent me an entire catalogue of magic tricks. Forty-six years later I still love magic!

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  4. When I was 14, The Amazing Kreskin was on TV. My dad had just bought me a couple of trick decks: a Svengali and a Stripper deck from a novelty store in downtown Montreal; I found that I could emulate Kreskin’s “experiments” using them, and there was just something “magical” about playing cards: I found I had a natural affinity for them; I loved the feel and even the smell of cards! Of course, I was no stranger to magic, having grown up watching Magic Tom Auburn and Mark Wilson on TV. The time finally came one June day: my dad took me to Henry Gordon’s Party Centre on Decarie, (sorry, Evie, Perfect Magic wasn’t around…yet!) where he bought me the color-changing silk, color-changing pen-knives, (both demoed amazingly by Gordon himself) and two books: one on card sleights, the other a card-mentalism book by Ted Annemann. My summer was spent mastering most of the card sleights in one book and applying them to the effects in “Miracles of Card Magic” by Annemann. It was a truly magical summer, and set the stage, if you will, for my doing a magic-show in my high school variety show, as well as an eventual career in magic which included a TV-show for 9 years! Henry Gordon was right that day when he said to my dad, “He’ll be in magic for the rest of his life.”


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