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Magicians and Musicians?

What’s the connection between magicians and musicians? Actually they have a lot in common. You can tell the same joke about both. For instance…

“What’s the difference between a musician (or magician)and a large pizza?”

“A large pizza can feed a family of four!”

Another point. Both take many hours or years of practice alone before you get any good at it and both require an audience to appreciate it.

Music is another one of those professions like magic, where age, colour, religion, sex, social status, education, are of no consequence. We have a 10 year old customer who played piano at Carnegie Hall about 2 months ago. Respect is gained through one’s ability and knowledge is often shared generously by the “greats”even with those just learning. that goes for piano and magic.

I find it fascinating that so many magicians are also musicians. Both professions require manual dexterity, timing, and perseverance. Timing first, then perseverance and last manual dexterity because not all magic requires manual dexterity.

Dai Vernon was a Honky Tonk Piano player. About 30 years ago he and Phil were talking piano at a Passport To Magic Convention in Toronto, when a fellow interrupted them to talk to Dai about magic. Dai said, “Not now, can’t you see I’m talking to the kid about piano.” Michael Close, Dick Zimmerman, Chris Barillaro, just to name a few, are into both.Phil Matlin, Dai Vernon, Evy Matlin

I write this because the head of a large music  and media school came in today , who happens to be a big on magic and to listen to the conversation between Phil and that fellow was fascinating. From magic to music in one breath and then back again. All the people they knew in common from both fields and their experiences. And then I thought about our magician customers and we know many of them are also musicians. Of course we don’t know all of them personally so how many musicians are out there that we don’t know about.

Am I on to something here? If you’re into both, let me know!




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