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The Magic Creators

Almost every day I look through tricks and books etc. that I think would interest magicians. I actually watch the videos to see what impresses me and only those do I put on facebook. After doing this daily, not looking for any specific field of magic, it could be mentalism, illusions, cups and balls, a simple pocket trick, it really doesn’t matter, if I find it exciting, it goes in. Going through these videos I’ve come to the conclusion that some of these magicians who create the effects are brilliant. I marvelled at their  imagination,  creativity and problem solving ability and how they think in ways that we ordinary mortals do not.

Then I thought, what if these magicians put their heads together in some sort of council and used this creative and cunning  ability together  with people involved in trying to solve some of the seemingly impossible situations that we are in today. Could that happen? Probably not.

Then I remembered that Houdini threw himself into the war effort in World War 1. It is rumoured that he spied for the allies and taught soldiers how to escape if they got caught. So I did some research and came across a biography Wild About Harry by John Cox. It’s really well done. Enjoy it and think about the effect that a body of creators of magic could have on solving some of our problems.


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