Perfect Magic in B.C.

We had a shop in Burnaby B.C. for several years, maybe 8, not sure. Our son Brian was the manager. All our 4 children worked in the magic shop at one time or another. Brian was the only one who worked at it full time. He was with us here in Montreal and around 1997,  and with the political turmoil in Quebec at that time we thought it might be wise to plant roots elsewhere.

I have a brother living in Vancouver and I went down to check it out, found a place across from Metrotown in a little shopping center. Brian volunteered to go and that’s how it started. I always told my kids that they should not feel any obligation to stay. If they found something else they wanted to do go ahead. You only live once.

He met a girl from Pennsylvania. That was it. We gave him our blessing, closed the shop there, and things had settled down somewhat, and here we remain. They remain happily married in PA not far from State College.

Brian used to write a blog Panning For Gold. He has sort of a wry sense of humour. He asked me a question about last week’s blog on Passover, which I couldn’t answer. It seems he had written a blog on Passover in 2011. You might enjoy it. If you like it, his Christmas one had me hysterical.  His question was, why do we hide the Afikomen. Here’s his blog.


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3 responses to “Perfect Magic in B.C.

  1. I wrote one about Christmas? I’ll have to check it out.


  2. When you went to get the tree!


  3. I remember now. Now I really have to go back and read it


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