Magic Lessons for Kids

For many years Perfect Magic had magic lessons at the shop. There were 2 courses for adults. On Tuesday nights there was Level 1 and Wednesday nights there was Level 2, which was stage magic. We were fortunate to have Guy Camirand Of the Camirand Academy of Magic to give these courses. They were his baby and they turned out many a fine magician. Phil gave that course for a while but after working all day it was too much for him to give a course at night.

However, there is a whole new generation coming up and I have been getting calls for courses, more for children than for adults. So I thought about it and am considering Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30. A session of four weeks to begin with and a maximum of 10 kids from 7 to 9 years old.

I know kids pick up stuff on the internet, but there is more to magic than tricks and it’s important for them to experience of a magic shop and of being with people who have been in the business of magic for almost 40 years. Both Phil and I will be there to instruct the youngsters and I feel it will be a great experience for all involved.

If there is interest we will start in May. For details phone us at 514-738-4176 or email


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