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So You Don’t Like Magic Gimmicks

If you’re one of the people that visit our Facebook regularly (just click the F in the right upper hand corner of our home page), you many notice that I try to feature one trick a day that I particularly like.

Sometimes people come in to our shop and want stuff that isn’t a gimmick. After all, who walks around with a set of cups and balls in their pockets. They want to do something off the cuff, and I started to think about it. That was the day I featured Bandwidth. And then I thought we should have a category just for that type of thing. So  if you are looking for magic that uses innocent looking everyday props there is a lot to choose from,  including any kind of ring effect, such as the Growing Ring DVD, The Himber Ring, The PK Wizard rings, De’Ring, Ring Flight, Finger Ring Magic DVD by WGM, Ring in Shoe, Interlace to name a few innocent ring tricks. I’m sure some of you could come up with others.

Then there are tricks with money, coins, and Canadian ones as well.

How about things that float? How about our Canadian bills.They are not floating well these days, in more ways than one. If you crease it in the middle and stand it up in your hand instead of crumpling it up, it’ll work. There wouldn’t be any gimmicks there, right? How about things that move about like Loops and the DVD.

What about keys? Bob Solari’s Keyruption or Hell Bent, or Link Key? Of course there are books and DVDs on the subject of Magic with Everyday Objects.

There is Business Card Magic, and don’t forget the Sharpie. I could write a blog just on the Sharpie

There are Pen Tricks. John Kennedy’s Pen Thru Bill  and Perfect Pen are classics.

So  if you are looking for magic that uses innocent looking everyday props there is a lot to choose from.

Oh, and don’t forget about your iPhone. For the greatest reaction of all time if you have an iPhone, you should get My Pet Boris.

I’m sure I missed a bunch so feel free to add your favorites.








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