Getting Your Act Together

An old time customer came in yesterday. He hadn’t been here for awhile, and he said he had to replenish a few things. In the course of conversation I was showing him stuff and he commented that he had his act together. And I thought, “What a great title for a post!” Thanks Martial! But he was looking at new stuff and I don’t think he’ll be that long before his next visit.

The thing about magic is either you need new audiences or new tricks. It’s easier to get new tricks. I’m not just thinking about magic. I know for a fact, as Phil’s piano agent, that its easier to get booked at a place he’s already played at, than to cold call a new place and tell them how wonderful he is, and how much the audience will enjoy him.

As  a matter of fact he used to play at one place every year and then they had budget cuts and then a new activity director. One thing with another he hadn’t played there for years. I figured things change and maybe they have money now.  I called the new director, spun my tale, and she hired Phil. She wasn’t at the show, but she said she heard such raves from everyone, and she emailed me and hired him for next year. Phil always changes his repertoire. Of course he doesn’t have to buy a new piano each time, but then again a magic trick isn’t as costly as a piano. He plays the same type of music but varies it.

So, once you get your act together, you should keep a record of what you did for each client. Actually list the effects, date etc. If they call you back, you can do the same show, but with minor changes. If you are doing a rope trick, change it to another rope trick. If you are doing Color Changing CD’s, change it for Color Changing Wreaths. Even If they’ve seen  the CD effect, they will still get a surprise at the end and the person who is hiring you will see that it is not the same old, same old. That way you don’t have to come out with a whole new show. Just substitute bits and pieces that fit in. Take out a part that didn’t work as well as you hoped it would. You should be constantly looking for improvements and we are here to help you in getting your  act together.





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