Is Magic Too Expensive These Days?

Darn right! It is for the dealers as well, especially Canadian ones. But there is more than one way to skin a cat. No offence to the cat, its just an expression.

Yes, the key word is downloads. Many people are sceptical, but once you have tried it you will thank me for giving you the nudge. The best part of it is, there is no exchange rate. If it costs $10.00 U.S. you pay $10.00 Canadian. What could be better than that. It only covers books and DVD’s but what a great choice you have! There’s over 1600 choices and besides having the Canadian dollar at par with the U.S, Downloads are less expensive, sometimes much less expensive than the hard copy, and you can turn the DVD’s into hard copies once you buy them if you wish. And there are new ones every day.

The Beauty of DOWNLOADS:

  • They are less expensive than the hard copies.
  • Same U.S. and Canadian price.
  • No shipping costs
  • No customs.
  • They don’t take up space on your bookshelf.
  • Both books and DVD’s are available.
  • There are often unbelievable specials!

Why do I bring this up now ? Before we went on holiday, someone phoned and said he was trying to download a DVD and was having a problem. You have to do this on line and Phil cleared up the problem he was having and he said he would try again. He phoned the next day and said how thrilled he was with the results. I only takes a day at most unless you order on the week-end. Then it will take two days at most.

So do yourself a favour and take a serious look into downloads.We’ll help you if you have a problem.

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