Who and How Do People Choose Magicians

evy1When we got to the shop one morning, and we were on time for a change, an old customer was waiting at the door. We hadn’t seen him in a long time. He said he thought he was retired but they keep calling him for shows. I said, ” You must be good.” He said,  “No, I’m cheap.”

It reminded Phil of Jay Marshall. Who out there remembers Jay Marshall? Jay used to say ” I’m one of the better cheap acts.” He used to appear on the Ed Sullivan show with his pal Lefty. There’s a blast from the past.

In any case, its not necessarily the ones that charge the most that are the best. But they do get treated the best. If you charge $100.00 for a show you will probably have to lug out all the material yourself, but if you charge $1000.00 there will be someone there to help you carry your stuff.

Then there are people that are really great performers, but do it only for pleasure. I begged someone to do a show, because I knew he would be perfect for the occasion and he refused, dispite my persuasive abilities. Perhaps its the pressure of having to do it that is intimidating to some.

So how do people choose? If they have seen someone perform at a party and like the performer, then its easy. Word of mouth is always good. A great web site doesn’t hurt. We get calls and I try to steer people in the right direction, but it isn’t easy as I haven’t seen magicians perform for a particular age group etc. Testimonials help. There are no rules, but I do know you have to keep the audience in mind. The customer who was here had two shows to do, one for young children and the other for seniors. Fortunately they usually both like visual magic and that is mostly what he bought and he was delighted with everything.




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