Magicians and Politicians

Today is a special day in Canada. We have a new Prime Minister. When I was younger, I remember policticians in our country as elderly white men, some English, some French. Our new Prime Minister brought about a big change. He is young, 42 I think, handsome, with 3 young children and a lovely wife. Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau was just a child when his father became Prime Minister. I met his father on election day at Hampstead school. I went in to vote for him and he had just voted and was leaving the building. I had my daugter Julie in my arms. I wished him luck and told him I was voting for him. We shook hands. He won. I was surprised as he always looked larger than life on TV etc, but he was hardly much taller than I.

The Cabinet Ministers were sworn in today, men, women, different nationalities, and young. Perhaps that is saying more about my age than theirs. In any case there seems to be renewed hope. Time wil tell I suppose, but the feeling is positive. When I watched the news this morning Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister, was being interviewed.

For a brief moment I had a flashback to a Magic Convention.  Dai Vernon, the 80 plus year old legend, with a lot of knowledge and experience. He was a living legend and everyone was trying to get to him, but he wasn’t interested in them. He was only interested in Phil, yes, Phil Matlin, because they were both honky tonk and ragtime piano players and Dai loved that music. even more than magic.

Women were not prominent on the magic scene back then. That’s changing too.

The famous names we knew and became friends with were the go to guys back then. Here are a few, Frank Garcia, David Roth, George Schindler, Al Cohen, Bob Little, Albert Gohman, Jay Marshall, Norm Nielsen, Hank Moorehouse, Jimmy Ray, Romaine, Magic Tom Auburn, Ali Bongo, Terry Seabrooke, Pavel, Paul Diamond, Phil Thomas, Denny Haney, and Derek Dingle, just to name a few. (Apologies to those we left off.) .They knew a lot of things and had a lot of experience that new magicians don’t. Of course they think they know everything and those that take the time to learn and study do learn. But its a new scene in magic as it is in politics. And some of the new magicians are great. Lets hope the same will be said about our new politicians.


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4 responses to “Magicians and Politicians

  1. Just read your blog……. I think Magicians are very much like Politicians…..they both lie and cheat….! That’s what Stan says in his routine…… Good blog!

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  2. Never thought about that! LOL!


  3. Magicians and politicians share many skills which is why they have been associated with kings, rulers and religious leaders down through the centuries. Many are involved in the misdirection process and audience management techniques—how to manipulate public opinion. We use many similar psychological techniques in the persuasion process. But don’t confuse the techniques with the purpose or goal behind the action or message. Today, magicians generally use their skills to entertain (although you will still find a few in business and politics). And we trust that politicians will use their skills to make our world a better place.

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