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The Value of Magic Books

evy1Who has time to read these days?  Happily some people still do. Back in the day, so to speak, before videos and DVDs, a new book by a popular magician meant a rush of eager customers. I would wager that some magicians have never even owned a magic book. But I would bet that number is few among my customers. I say that because I encourage every new magician, young and old, as long as they can read, to start with Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic. I love that book and have sold hundreds of them over the years. It’s clear, easy to follow, not too many words and tons of Illustrations. Guy Camirand of the Camirand Academy of Magic used to give courses on Wednesday evenings at Perfect Magic to adults and he recommended that book for all his students.

The diversity of magic books is amazing, and their value increases with time. I know because I have many used books which I sell from time to time on ebay, when I have time. I sold one that was originally $35.00, The 12 Who Died, about the bullet catch. It sold for $350.00. Not all get that kind of price but sometimes it is amazing.

Every subject re magic is discussed in books. There are books on building illusions to building shows, for  close up,  street magic, stage, restaurant, children’s parties, weddings, family, hospitals, schools, day cares, and the list goes on. But it’s more than the tricks. Each author has their own philosophy and approach. In a book you can stop and think about it, reread something you appreciated without having to push buttons. There are books on magicians’ biographies, history, psychology, presentation,  marketing, comedy, how to, etc. Some are specific, dealing only with one subject like cards or coins, balloons,  rope, or cups and balls, etc. while others have a variety of effects. Some are for beginners some, for experts.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all another one comes up which took my breath away even before I read it. The Death Camp Magicians, A True Story of Holocaust  Survivors Werner Reich and Herbert Nivelli written by William V. Rauscher in Collaboration with Werner Reich.  It should be a fascinating, if somewhat dark, read.

Get away from that iphone or computer and read a book, before you forget how!


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