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The Magic Community

Dean George Schindler

Dean George Schindler

446527_alain-choquette-drolement-magique_154309 Alain Choquette

I love the magic community. I’ve often mentioned how close the magic community is. When 2 magicians meet, its usually love at first sight. I had two magicians in here the other day, one a real pro, the other a hobbyist. I’ve known them both for years but they did not know each other. The hobbyist was having trouble with the handling of a certain deck. The pro spent so much time with him, helping him to get it right. Then he helped Phil who had forgotten how to do a certain move. It was such a great scene to watch them working together to solve their problems. That’s one aspect of it.

That same day I phoned George Schindler, who lives in New York, who sent me regards from Alain Choquette, who is from Quebec, and who I haven’t seen since we met last year at the Comedy Nest at the Montreal Forum when David Acer had one of his his Sunday night comedy magic shows. So where did Alain and George meet? In England. I asked George what he was doing in England. He said he was on vacation. What was Alain doing there? Well, he was really in Paris and came to England for the week-end or something to go to the Magic Circle.

There is a camaraderie amongst magicians that I feel whenever a group of them are together, sharing stories or moves and just having fun. Language, color, age  sex…it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Aren’t you glad to be part of it?


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