Halloween and Magic, Love and Marriage.

cliparts-free-halloween_009_Vector_ClipartHalloween and Magic go together like that old song Love and Marriage… go together like a horse and carriage.

Today was the first sale of the year when people came in and asked for magic specifically for Halloween. Two young ladies in their mid twenties,  who had never done magic before, had seen magic performed at a party, and they thought it would be great if they could do something at their Halloween party. They were as excited as two little girls and it was contagious. They were thrilled with everything I showed them and bought most of it. They passed on Mathematical Genius although they loved it, as they were not sure if they would be able to do it if they were not completely sober nor did they intend to be.

They are going to have fun, and I know they will send a lot of people my way. In retrospect, I forgot to tell them about the Haunted Key, The Voodoo Doll, and the Black and Orange Mouth Coils (not listed, but we have them). What was I thinking?

So while on the subject of spooky and gory and haunted, I will mention other items that might come in handy for the occassion. There are Spirit Slates, now available in pocket size, Knife Thru Arm, which always causes a sensation,  Hyrum Hank, Floating Bills and Floating Matches, smoking things like Vapr or the latest S.S.S. 2015, Ghost Alarm Clock, or if you are into building illusions, there’s still time with Paul Osborne’s Haunted Illusions Book with over 26 illusion plans, ideas and drawings in it . We also have Sponge Balls 2″super soft, black or orange.


So get charged up for Halloween. I gave you plenty of ammunition! If I left stuff out that might be appropriate, let us know. (You are allowed to comment!)

P.S. If you buy any of the above items before Halloween and mention that you saw them in my post you get 10% off while quantities last. Right now I have everything in stock that I mentioned. That’s my treat. You choose the trick!

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