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Magic On Sale At Perfect Magic

NO, we are not going out of business. Yesterday someone came into the shop and asked when we have our sales. I never believed in sales for the magic business. When we had auctions for used merchandise (not ours as we don’t sell used merchandise) or samples that people send us,  headed by David Acer as chief auctioneer, which was a show in itself, we usually discounted everything in the store for that occasion. But unlike fruit and vegetables, magic doesn’t go bad. We’ve had certain items that sat on our shelves for years and someone, at one time or another,  walks in and says, “Oh, I’ve been looking for that everywhere.” And believe it or not,  the next day, strange as it may seem, someone else will come in and ask for that same item, but its gone and when we try to reorder we find it is not available.

That’s not to say we will never have a sale. In fact, we decided we would have a sale, not a regular sale, but a pre-sale. That way, you buy things in advance, before they are actually available. Why would you do that and why would we have a sale like that? Our suppliers have pre-sales. That is, if we order before it comes in we get a discount and we can pass that onto you. Everyone wins. Not all items are on pre-sale and ususally people who buy magic on a regular basis, know whose products they like or what effects they can use or what authors they like, etc. Anyhow, the items that are pre-sale will be indicated on new products. As soon as the products become available, the pre-sale is over and you pay the regular price if you want the item. With so many new items on the market every single day, we can’t buy everything, but our customers usually know what is good so if they order it, we feel safe in buying it.

So do your homework. Check out the pre-sale items and order away. You will be charged for them when you order. Normally we only charge you when the item  is sent, but this works differently. If you like the idea, take advantage of it, if you don’t, that’s fine too. It’s just a way of saving a few bucks without anyone getting hurt!

Any questions?

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