Some People are Natural Entertainers

Phil had a piano concert last week at a senior residence,  and my daughter asked if we could babysit. We took the kids, grandaughter age 7 and grandson 9, with us to the event and when Phil started playing his ragime, Samantha got up in front and started dancing. She stole the show. The audience went nuts. She is a natural and knew just what moves to do for the ragtime music. Then a lady resident joined her. It was a riot. At the end of  each number Samantha curtsied and at the end everyone said how terrific she was, asked if she took dancing lessons, etc. She listened and answered their questions, smiling and happy.  As Phil was packing up she said, ” I’m going to the back of the room to say good-night to everyone as they leave.” When we got to the back we heard her saying, “Thank you for coming”, to each person.
Kripes! The kid is seven years old. Where does she come to that?
She does some magic as well. Not that night, but they both come to the shop from time to time and watch me demo. She gets it. He does too. They understand about the patter, that its not just the trick. She does the Magical Coin Block  (Miracle Coin Block) and says as she places the penny on the back of someone’s hand, “You know of course that we don’t use pennies any more in Canada”, and passes the block over it and the penny changes to a dime. Those are my words but she knows to use them. Some people just have it, others have to work a little.

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