We have people coming in the shop, every color, every language, every age, every size. When dealing with the public, you just never know who will walk in. Some are happy, some are shy…every kind of personality. They all have one thing in common, the love of magic. I had a grumpy fellow in here before who did magic and I couldn’t help but wonder how he performed. Did he put on a cheerful face to perform? Did he have a grumpy act, that could be funny? He was kind of funny in his own way, even with his grumpiness.

Yesterday, on the other hand, I had a young boy here of 11 years old. A good looking kid, who was never in a magic shop before, but who had learned magic from the internet. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He thought this was the most wonderful place in the world, and if you’ve been here you must be smiling. He was respectful and didn’t touch or open anything like many people do, even grown-ups, even after I tell them to ask me if they want to see something, Some wait till they think I’m not looking and open it anyway. This kid asked a lot of questions, and knows a lot about magic and gave his father a list of what he wanted for his birthday and other holidays. I showed him the Mark Wilson Complete Course In Magic and unlike most other kids his age who want tricks, he wanted that book, more than anything. He knew its value and put it at the top of his list. He would have bought it instead of what he had chosen, but he was on a budget and it was too expensive. He didn’t whine or nag. He was a delight. He said “Magic is my passion. I’m so happy I found you.”

He was warm, enthusiastic, good-looking and charming, which you don’t have to be to be a  great magician, but it doesn’t hurt! I look forward to seeing how he develops. I’m sure we’ll be hearing good things about him in the future.


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2 responses to “FOR THE LOVE OF MAGIC

  1. 1jd1

    Nice story, Evy. Thank you.

    Viscerally reminds me of my first visit to the shop, albeit absent any real knowledge beyond Bill Tarr’s seminal first book, not to mention I suspect the young turk didn’t initially make a brief visit to your home.

    As for these people…”Some wait till they think I’m not looking and open it anyway,”…I recommend they hone their skills via book three of The Fitzkee Trilogy, Magic By Misdirection.


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