Cups and Balls in Magic. Is there a Renaissance?

A few weeks ago I wrote about Don Alan and his Chop Cup. It was an act in itself. You can do that. You can make an act out of  one prop but it better be good. I wrote about Cups and Balls before. While doing research I came across this interesting site which I’m sure you would enjoy, as it is so cleverly put together. If you have not already seen it you are in for a treat.

There are many Cups and Balls on the market and many DVD’s, books ,and Downloads for them. At Perfect Magic they range from $4.00 for a plastic set, to moderately priced ones to hundreds of dollars depending on whether they are aluminum, Brass or Copper. For a beginner, the $4.00 ones are fine. I highly recommend them, but when you go higher you have to be careful. The higher priced ones are ususally good but I decided to get some aluminum ones that were less expensive as not everyone can afford the high priced ones. The problem was that they did not sit securely on each other. They wobbled. I tried putting different ones together to find some that wouldn’t wobble but no luck. I ended up sending them all back. There is a plastic Chrome Finish set by Empire that is good and not expensive. Guy Camirand of the Camirand Academy of Magic used to have his students get those when he gave his courses here. He liked them very much.

Technicolor cups

Technicolor Cups and Color Changing Balls.

Gothic Chop Cup, Balls, and Wand

Gothic Chop Cup, Balls, and Wand

One of the lastest ones items in that category is the the Gothic Cop Cup and Wand and Balls. If you’re a collector it’s something you might want.

Also Technicolor Cups & Color Changing Balls puts a whole new spin on it.

Now there is a new one, and its really cute. I didn’t think I would go for it, but I had a good laugh at the end.  It’s called Cup Cards. It’s easy to carry and has a good punch at the end!

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