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The Magician’s Secret Weapon

Examining the Thumb TipThere are few secrets in this world. Magic was first exposed on a national or even international level with the Masked Magician many years ago, where every week he would expose another trick or illusion. Now, of course with the internet, magic is within everyone’s reach. Somehow it didn’t hurt magic. It peaked people’s interest and some thought, “If that’s all there is to it, I could do it to.” I remember people coming into the shop to buy things they saw the Masked Magician do. I have said many times, just because you can do the trick does not make it magic or you a magician.

Which brings me to the thumb. If you are a magician you know what word is missing. Doesn’t matter. Is there a magician in the world that doesn’t have a thumb? Maybe a few. It’s something like owning a gun. A lot of people may have one, but how many really know how and when to use it properly?

Most can vanish a silk and make it reappear. I’ve been in the business a long time and I do it myself, however when I saw Alexander De Cova do it, I could not believe it, because I know how it’s done, and yet he wasn’t doing that. When he revealed the method on his tape I thought it was brilliiant. You see everything, and nothing at the same time.

The subject came to me this morning when someone ordered a DVD by Patrick Page on that very topic. He was putting in an on line order and had found it and then he couldn’t find it and could we help him. It was a DOWNLOAD and it was $12.50. It struck me that this is available to all magicians for such a low price, no shipping charges, no U.S. exchange rate to pay and I’m sure you get so much out of it.

Wherever you live in the world, when ordering Downloads from us you pay in Canadian dollars the same amount as it is listed in the USA. IN other words, if the price is $19.00 US, and you pay $19.00 Canadian, it is acturally costing you $14.25 US as the Canadian dollar is worth about 75% of the American dollar right now and the Download prices are usually considerably lower than the hard copy anyhow. You can turn it into hard copy once its yours. If that’s not a great deal, I don’t know what is!

I looked to see what else was available on the subject  so here’s the list, check it out!

Hand-picked Astonishments Download. Hand-picked Astonishments Hard Copy

Thumbtips WGM Download  Thumbtips  Hard Copy

Examining the Thumbtip Hard Copy  only (intermediate)

Thumb Tips Vol. 1 Download only

just to name a few. There are acessories and other individual tricks that involve the thumb, and if you use one, any of the above would give you much more mileage.

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