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The Beauty of Magic and Performing

imagesgirl magicianI’ve been writing a lot about kids and magic. Maybe its because I don’t remember ever having so many new kids coming in around the same time for the first time. Most of them, if not all, had never been to a magic shop before. To me they are delightful.  I know it’s because of the city day camps that they are coming in droves and I’m happy to see that this new crop of future magicians, those that hang in, will have had the experience of going to a magic shop, of seeing tricks demonstrated live, no trick cameras, etc.

Each child is so different. Yesterday I had a little girl of about 9 years old. She was so full of personality. After her mother purchased the magic I said I would show her how a particular trick was done, as in spite of being relatively easy to do the instructions were not well written, even for an adult. The little girl made her mother leave the shop and did not want her to hear the explanation. She was so bright, she caught on immediately, even with my broken french. I showed her how to do a second trick as well. She thanked me profusely and danced out of here on wings.

Today one child came in because his father saw the sign and was curious. The boy looked about 7 or 8. He was one of those deep quiet children. I did Zig-Zag Rope and Double Color Changing Silk for him. I was sure his eyes actually popped out of his head. His  mouth dropped open. A look of pure amazement. All he could say was “How did you do that?” after I did each trick. I said, “That’s magic!” and he said, at his tender age, “There’s no such thing as magic!” I let him know that he was capable of doing it too, but I couldn’t tell him until after he bought the trick, as with the trick he was also buying the secret.

All the parents that come in are encouraging their children. I think I know why. I have grandchildren around that age and when they are practicing magic, its one more activity that keeps them away from their iPads.

My granddaughter was in the shop and saw a pair of Devil Sticks which she desperately wanted. I didn’t give it to her at the time, even though  I know that as a grandmother, I’m supposed to spoil her, but I didn’t want her to think she can just say she wants something and gets it. However she slept over the other night and I brought it home for her. She spent lots of time with it and was doing a spin over and over by the time the day was done.  Even I tried it and she was coaching me! Good exercise. I’ll have to take a set home for me.

All of this gives the kids something to work on until they get it right. Then they can go out and perform with confidence, and it builds their  confidence and they need that in this world.  That’s the beauty of magic amd performing!



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