Don Alan and his Chop Cup : A Classic in Magic

This past week I had the good fortune of coming across a clip of Don Alan on my facebook. It’s an clip from 1960 and a lesson in presentation and simplicity if there ever was one. I’ve spoken about patter before, probably several times. Patter and timing are perfect in this skit and just when you think its over he hits you again, and then again. then he does another routine, The Rising Card. Also a portrait of perfection.

The thing is, I have the feeling that today’s young magicians would take a look at it and say “Oh, I know that. It’s the Chop Cup and Rising Card. I know how he does it.” They might even proceed to tell you how its done. Everything else would go way over their heads. “I can do that trick.” or “I have that trick.” The question is, how can you get this younger generation to appreciate, not the trick, but the wonder and amusement they provide while performing it. Any Suggestions?


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3 responses to “Don Alan and his Chop Cup : A Classic in Magic

  1. Jacques Gaucher

    Very appropriate memorandum.

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  2. Benito

    I love your post very much ! This is very true. Below is my comments and suggestions. Just my 2 cents.

    – Knowing how a trick is done does not make someone a magician. I think that in today’s world where everything can be found quickly… and put aside quickly… then find something else attitude, makes things more difficult to understand what Magic really is or should be.

    – I dont believe that it is a good thing to publish so many ‘new’ tricks on the market without much consideration on how to present them. A click of a button on a computers and we can have access at so many tricks without any concepts of showmanship and professionalism. I think that the behaviors of professional magicians is critical to change the way magic is seen by some younger people.

    – Magic by itself leads in finding the secret and can create the syndrome of ‘getting a secret, I know how it is done, I tell everyone, I throw it away’. I regret that so many tricks are sold without much attention to Presentation, Theater and Showmanship. I think that having more attention toward those 3 essential components would improve the situation.

    – We should see much much more ‘products and services’ available on Showmanship, Theater, Presentation.

    – It is one thing to know the secet, it is another thing to know the magic ! I am not a professional magician but I am in this ‘art of magic’ for more than 40 years. I recently did a simple ‘trick’ to an audience where I did explained afterward how it was done (I had something to prove !… I then did the same exact trick with the same exact method, but adding a complete presentation and theater to it. Nobody understood how I did the trick the second time and they all thought that I was using another method. For me this is a simple ‘proof’ that Magic is mostly in the PRESENTATION AND HOW WE SHOW OUR WONDER TRICKS.



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