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Don Alan and his Chop Cup : A Classic in Magic

This past week I had the good fortune of coming across a clip of Don Alan on my facebook. It’s an clip from 1960 and a lesson in presentation and simplicity if there ever was one. I’ve spoken about patter before, probably several times. Patter and timing are perfect in this skit and just when you think its over he hits you again, and then again.¬†then he does another routine, The Rising Card. Also a portrait of perfection.

The thing is, I have the feeling that today’s young magicians would take a look at it and say “Oh, I know that. It’s the Chop Cup and Rising Card. I know how he does it.” They might even proceed to tell you how its done. Everything else would go way over their heads. “I can do that trick.” or “I have that trick.” The question is, how can you get this younger generation to appreciate, not the trick, but the wonder and amusement they provide while performing it. Any Suggestions?



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