Selling Magic

Perfect Magic has been in business close to 40 years. There are some things I knew when we started and some things I’ve learnt along the way.

We cannot control what people order over the internet. They want what they want. You order, we send it to you. Sometimes people phone before they order and we discuss the prop they are interested in. It doesn’t happen often as most people who order on line often think there is no one to talk to on the other end. so they don’t even try. We’ll talk to you.

Many people still come into the shop. Each one, of course, has their own special needs and wants. When It’s a regular customer, we know what they would be interested in, but for a newcomer, it’s another story.

There are three things I have to find out before I can help them.

  1. Who are they performing for; how many, how old, close-up, stage, walk around, street, etc.
  2. What level of expertise do they have? Have they performed before? and so on.
  3. How much do they want to spend?

Once I have that info I can usually find something for them and my job is done.

Now its their job to do the seling. They have to be able to sell their magic. It’s when they realize that there is  more to it than just learning how to do the trick, that’s when they are on the way. They have to be able to sell it to the audience, not just to fool them, but to make them enjoy it as well. If it’s not sold properly the audience won’t buy it!  I may have mentioned it before, but Eugene Burger has a  wonderful lecture on presentation that I saw many years ago that helped me and I never forgot it.  Thanks Eugene! You were my inspiration!Eugene Burger


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2 responses to “Selling Magic

  1. Jack Poulter

    Another fine article, Evelyn. Thanks. I also enjoyed the story from a few years back about the Nickels to Dimes trick.

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