Magician! You Got The Name, But Do You Got The Game?

Many people call themselves magicians. We all know that doing a few magic tricks does not make you a magician. Even creating magic tricks does not make you a magician. It’s all about being able to entertain an audience, of 1 or more.

Enter: David Ginn. I’m writing about him because I’ve known him for more years than I care to remember. He lectured for us and I clearly remember him sitting around our dining room table with Romaine and Joan and Phil and I playing Trivial Pursuit and he would deliciously announce in his southern accent, “It’s Pie (Pa) Time.” We had a lot of fun.

David Ginn is a well known name in the magic community, especially to performers who do children’s shows. Not only has he performed countless shows but has produced many effects, DVDs and written many books on the subject.  The only thing is, I never once saw him perform in front of an audience.

This morning I went to my face book and there was David, performing for a group of children. He used simple props,  a Color Changing Wand, a Top Hat, a cape for a kid and silks. Of course its no mystery to any magician what he did, but he had those kids screaming. They were all into it.  To be sure, much time and testing  went into this to see what works and what does not work. It’s a good idea to record or take notes as soon as possible while it is still fresh in your mind as to what to keep and what not to keep until your show is honed like a fine running machine. I’m sure David has gone through this process over the years. Its called experience.

After watching him in this informal show with so few props I would say David Ginn not only has the Name, he has the Game.


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2 responses to “Magician! You Got The Name, But Do You Got The Game?

  1. Jacques

    Nice presentation. Well deserved too.

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