Magic, Fame and Recognition

The other day I was at a shopping centre and a young lad ran over to me and said in french,”Aren’t you the lady from the magic shop?” I said yes and we had a whole conversation. Why wasn’t I at  the shop now. Who is at the shop. I said we’re closed on the week-ends and he said he goes to school during the week. I know we should be open on Saturday but life is too short, especially at my stage of the game. And yet… Maybe we should stay closed Monday and stay open Saturday. But that might confuse our customers. They are used to this. It’s a dilemma. In any case he was really excited to see me, as I was him.

Some of you may not know this, but besides being a magic dealer, I also am a Document Examiner. When writing or documents are in question I am called upon as an expert witness in court  for my opinion on the matter. One day I was at the Montreal Court House, Le Palais de Justice, and was looking for the computers, as I wanted to look up a file there. I found them but not being really sharp with computers, to put it mildly, I was having trouble. I walked away to find a clerk and as I was walking I heard someone call out in a really loud voice, “Hey, Mrs. Magic!” I turned around and there was one of my magic customers. He asked what I was doing there and he was suprised  and I was just as surprised to find out he was a detective.  He helped me do what I had to do and it was a good experience.

Years ago,  we were at the Houdini Museum in Niagra Falls, before it burned down and we were with our kids on a road trip. They were not thrilled with our stops at Magic shops along the way, but they understood we were going to the Houdini Museum once we were there. Phil said at the ticket counter, “I need tickets for two Adults and 3 children, please.” And the guy said, ” Oh no sir, you don’t pay. You and your family are our guests.” Rather shocked, Phil said, ” How come?” Well you are Phil Matlin, aren’t you?” Yes. ” Well then, you are our guest.” The kids looked at Phil with new eyes. It seems this guy had been coming to our Magic Conventions, Magic Monréal, for many years and recognized Phil. I must say we were all elated by the reception.

And then there’s the McGill Science and Society Symposium that we have been attending for years now, which is headed by Dr. Joe Schwarcz who invites us to the reception before it starts. Of course its composed of all the professors and scientists and guests brought in from all over the world and us. Everyone mingles and much of the talk is above our heads, and when they ask us what we do, we say we are Dr. Joe’s magic dealer. Really? Where’s your shop? Can anybody go? Do you have to be a magician? Can we buy stuff? Etc. etc. and the word spreads. They are full of questions and its fun to be there.

So yes, we do enjoy the magic, fame? and recognition!

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