Thrown Together By Magic

When I was 13, maybe 14 years old, my father rented a summer cottage in Woodlands, on Lake St. Louis. We rented from a lady, Mme. Mallet. She had a large lot with 8 cottages on it, 4 on one side of the driveway,  and the same on the other side. This tract of land was between the highway and the country road along the lake. You got to our place along the country road. I stayed there all summer with my mother and one of my 3 brothers. My father came out every night after work.

We lived in the first cottage off the country road and someone from my aunt’s family lived in the last cottage, and across from us on the same lot. We became close. I learned a lot from her. At 14 one is impressionable and it’s good to have someone to talk to, other than your parents. She also spent the whole summer there with her 7 year old son and husband. This was in 1954.

We lost touch over the years. We spoke occasionally on the phone, and it was always good speaking to her. She died many years ago, a few years later her husband died and then her son died.

One day a young man came into the shop, a debonair type of fellow, full of personality, charming, good looking, etc. He said he loves magic and wants to get into it. A complete novice. We guided him along, suggested he take Guy Camirand’s course which he did. Guy said of all his students, he had the personality and the ability to make it in magic. Of course for him it was just a hobby.

One day Phil said to me, “I’m surprised you never asked him if he was related to you.” I didn’t even know his last name at the time, but Phil did and it was the same last name as the people I had become so close with that summer. The next time he came in I asked him if he knew the people that rented the cottage. It turned out they were his grandparents, who had died before he was born, and his father was the little 7 year old I knew so well from the country.

We  were literally magically reunited.

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