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How Much Thought Goes Into Your Children’s Magic Show?

There’s an old joke about a comedians’ convention where comedians in the audience were asked to tell one joke. Since everyone knew all the jokes, in order to save time, all the participant had to do was to call out the number of the joke. One guy got up and said 327. Everyone went hysterical laughing. The next comedian said 241. Again, they roared with laughter. The the third person got up and said 561 and nobody laughed. Later on that comedian said, “I don’t understand it. 561 is such a funny joke and nobody laughed.” His friend replied, “It’s how you said it!”

Which brings me to magic. People come into our shop and ask,”What is the best trick?” You know the answer. It’s not the magic, it’s the magician. We’ve been there before.  There are a lot of magician’s doing kid shows now, and not only for birthday parties. There are school shows, Boy Scouts, Day Cares, country fairs, libraries, etc. I recently wrote a post on Performing Magic for Children and discussed the thought that has to go into it. I got a great comment to validate my claim by JodyM.  By coincidence a book just came in and is listed as one of our new products called Beyond Look: Don’t See: Furthering the Art of Children’s Magic. If you are ever at a loss as to what to do at a children’s show and how to do it, this book will help you. All the tricks you are not using, you may start using again. His ideas are great and simple. There are other good books as well, and I confess I haven’t read them all, but I think this one goes a little further. If you get it you’ll be glad you did.beyond Look

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