Magic Shop Get Togethers in Real Life

If I sound like an old timer reminiscing, its because I am. Phil and I were in Toronto over the week-end to visit my 100 year old aunt, who is fine by the way, and very much on the ball.

While in Toronto we visited the Browser’s Den, owned by our good friend, Jeff Pinsky on Saturday. He invites the magic club to meet there once a month I believe, and that was the day we happened to be there. It reminded me of pre-internet Perfect Magic. The place was hopping. The closest thing I have to it now is when we stay open Saturday for an auction. See photos below. Next week I will try to dig up some photos from a distant past. This week’s photo’s are more recent.


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4 responses to “Magic Shop Get Togethers in Real Life

  1. Wow. I remember the Saturday morning auctions. I used to get there early and would often spend the entire morning in the shop. What a great time!

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  2. John

    Mike is an amazing human calculator and Stan is a very handsome fellow!!! Nice pictures.

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  3. These are the types of posts which make me wish I had been born about 25 years earlier! LOL! I’m SO grateful for the hard work that high quality “brick and mortar” shops are putting in to keep “tangible” magic shops alive. At the same time I missed out on what appear to me to be some of the “golden years” of magic…”pre internet”…when people who love magic gathered reqularly (not on Facebook) at magic shops to exchange ideas and enjoy good company! Glad I wasn’t born any LATER!!!

    PS: When drones start landing on my doorstep to deliver my magic, I might be tempted to learn how to use a shotgun! (OK…not really 😉 )

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