Magic Passover Moses and Jesus

How do they all come together in one story? If you were at the second Seder that we celebrated at my daughter’s in-laws you would know. At Passover we read the Haggadah in conjuction with our meal. It takes about 3 hours. It is the story of the Jews leaving Egypt and slavery a few thousand years ago. There is discussions and singing and questions during this time. My grandchildren that were there each wanted to tell the story themselves. My grandson, age 9 did an incredible job of reading the story and my grand daughter age seven, who can’t read so well, just told the story. She first told it to me a few days before the Seder how Moses held his staff over the water etc. Now she was telling it again.

When she came to the part where Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in the river in a basket, my granddaughter got a little mixed up and said she found Jesus in the basket. She corrected herself but we all heard it. That was enough for a big discussion. Her father said, “Now that you brought up Jesus, you know the painting of  “The Last Supper”? She said yes. “Did you know that supper was a Passover Seder?” No, she did not know. And so the discussion went on.

Now its funny that that happened, because my older grandson, who is now 25, was at a supper when he was just about her age. His father is Catholic and his parents came to Montreal at for a visit and took him to the Montreal Shrine. They were all at our house for supper and his other grandparents wanted him to tell us all what he had seen at St. Joseph’s Oratory. They said, “And who was the baby in the manger?” and he said with such confidence “Moses”. We had a good laugh. Surprisingly, they told us that they had a Seder ever year, because it was Jesus’ last supper. Live and learn.

And so our granddaughter continued with the story and we knew she was really our granddaughter because when she spoke of the sea parting she said, “And Moses held his wand over the river and it parted.” It was so sweet. I would have settled for their version of the story but it didn’t work out that way. Two and half hours later we were still at the table, and a beautiful table and meaningful service and so much delicious food and good company it was.



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4 responses to “Magic Passover Moses and Jesus

  1. A lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. I have been attending the First Seder for the last few years and enjoyed it….. because of our kids and grandkids. This year, Zayda had to go by himself because I was too sick to be a risk to all of them. Cool story, I can relate!


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