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The Perfect Gift For The Magician or Clown!

Chanukah is long past. Its the Jewish Festival of the Lights. When I was a child we got Chanukah Gelt (Money) but somehow that turned into gifts instead. When my kids  and grandkids were little I used to give them 8 little gifts, one for each night of Chanukah. The switch from money to gifts might have come about to counteract Christmas with all the gifts under the tree.

Why do I speak about this now?

Last week a customer came into my shop and it brought back an incident to my mind. this customer’s brother-in-law came into the shop before Chanukah and asked for a gift for a magician. He had no idea what to get and luckily we knew the customer well so we were able to help him choose, but even with our help, one of the things was not what he wanted. He came back with it still sealed and asked if he could change it, and we said yes. This family has the custom of exchanging gifts, even as adults. They asked him what he wanted and he said Magic, only magic. If its not magic, don’t bother getting me anything. He left very strict instructions, but wanted the surprise of not knowing exactly what. I had suggested a Gift Card and that would have been perfect, but his brother-in-law wanted to hand him an actual present in a box.

I think a Gift Card is the best gift you can get a magician. A sweater might be beautiful and so might a scarf, but does a magician dream about them? I doubt it. I would suspect he might be dreaming about, Einstein’s Dream or David Stone’s Tool, or Hofzinser’s Vol. 1 and 2 Non Plus Ultra, Steve Valentine’s 3 Card Routine, The Phantom Deck and the list goes one. He may not buy them on his own because he has a family to feed, a mortage to pay, whatever, but to get a Gift Certificate for Magic is magic. If you, as a magician, went into a magic shop with  a 50, 100, 200 dollar Gift Certificate do you think you would have any trouble spending it. I don’t think so. Whether it’s for books, DVD’s  or tricks, you’d find a way to spend it and enjoy it.Even if it only partially covered what you wanted, it would help.

Same thing goes for clowns. Many clowns put magic in their shows. Or they might want Juggling Equipment or Facepainting Supplies. It’s all here. There’s lots to choose from.  A clown was here the other day. She asked what my name was. I said Evelyn and she said, Well, I will call you Devilyn because you are a Devil. You make me buy so much magic every time I come. I twisted her arm of course. And she would like to buy even more but says it will have to wait until next time. Would she love a Gift Card? You bet!

So you can print this out and leave it lying around for your family to accidently see and hopefully read and who knows, you may get a Gift Card for Perfect Magic when the occasion arises.

P.S. To buy a gift card just phone (1-800-665-3754 for Canada and USA) or email us (perfectmagic@bellnet.ca)Scan Gift Card.

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