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Silk and Magic

Silk and magic go perfectly together. You don’t need an 18 wheeler to carry them around. You can make them appear, disappear, change colour, mulitply, divide, produce doves, relay a message, to name a few of the capablities. There are silks for Christmas for birthdays, for The End of the Show, for clowns, for thumb tips, for national holidays.

Like people, they come in all sizes. Some small, some large. They come in squares, diamonds or streamers, plain or designed. They are indeed a versatitle tool in the magician’s tool box. They are graceful and colourful.

There are books, even encyclopedia’s and DVD’s as well as tons of individual tricks using silk. You can use silks with thumb tips, change bags, production boxes, and the list goes on. To see the variety of effects click here. All different price ranges, and different levels of ability. If you don’t have silks in your act, you are missing out!

When it was grandparent’s week at my Grand daughter’s day care they asked me if I could come and read the children (age 4) a story. I said I would be happy to. I asked if I could also do a magic trick for them. Of course. So I did Thumb Tip Blendo. Ever see 20 four year olds drop their jaws in unison? Well, I did! Works with adults too!

The point is, cards are popular right now;  those finger flickin’ moves that take your breath away. But its good to have a variety and silk is so easy to always have with you. Did I mention Levent’s Changing Color Half-Dyed Silk Trick?

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