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Magic and the Performing Arts: Post Presentation

When you prepare for a show, much preparation goes into it, or it should. Timing, props, what words to use, what to wear, where to stand, and all that jazz. Then when you are actually presenting it,  you are also focused, or should be, no matter how casual you may appear. But what about Post Presentation. You don’t hear too much about that; when the trick is over, when the show s over.

I was invited to a recital of Grade School piano and guitar players. Shirley-Temple-in-Baby-Take-a-Bow-shirley-temple-5859980-341-338They ranged in age from about 7 to 10 or 11 years old. It was a joy to behold. Of course they were all nervous. For some it was their first time performing. They all did fine but when they had completed their piece they all got up and ran away as if  the seat was on fire. Okay, they were in the hot seat, but  the audience applauded each one but it was as though there was no audience. Not one child stopped to take a bow or smile. One of the older paricipants played a complicated piece and did it well. I was sure he would stop and acknowledge the audience, but alas, he did not.

I felt they were going through torture. They had to play, they did their task and they were done with it. I explained months later to my grandchildren how much the audience enjoys acknowledgement from the performer and should they ever be on stage and the audience applauds them, even though they are nervous and want to get off the stage as soon as possible, the worst is over. Take the time and smile at your audience. They will appauld more. It will make them feel good and it will make you feel good. My granddaughter asked if she had to cursty. I said it was not necessary, but a smile would be great.

Same thing goes for magicians of course. If the audience is clapping, don’t rush into the next effect. Enjoy the moment. Smile, bow, whatever. They will love you for it, and the more they love you, the better you feel, and the better you feel the more confidence you have and you will perform better and stronger.

I think I made my point.


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